ITunes Roundup. 28.11.09.

. Saturday, 28 November 2009
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I have decided to introduce a new weekly post to my blog called the Itunes Roundup- I am hoping to post this every Saturday. Basically, I will partially review each song on the Top Ten Singles list, and give my thoughts and opinions on the chart performance and placing.

10: X Factor Finalists ~ You Are Not Alone D-

Having already allowed myself to stay awake long enough to review Hero Part II- NO sorry "You Are Not Alone" (here)- I don't think that I can put myself through the pain again. Alright, it's fair to say that their voices sound above-average, but the production is lazy and it was probably put together in 5 minutes. The single has been 'collecting-dust' in my ITunes library ever since I bought it, and I doubt it will ever be dusted. Nevertheless it is all for a good cause, and I'm glad that the single went to #1 last week.

9: JLS ~ Everybody In Love B

Following "Beat Again" as JLS's second #1, "Everybody In Love" manages to create a simple hook with the right amount of cheesiness to please all those girly fans out there. Having already expressed my feelings on this impressive single here, there isn't much else I can say. I still find this song mildly entertaining, and I still hate "Beat Again". I'm glad this track got its own moment to shine.

8: Cheryl Cole ~ Fight For This Love B-
What can I say? After reviewing "3 Words", it's very clear that FFTL is the best song on her debut album, although that isn't saying much. Her vocals are still childish, and nasally with no uniqueness or emotion. This is the only track that is worthy of becoming a single, apart from "Happy Hour", which isn't even that good. Cheryl needs to invest more of her time into singing lessons, than attempting to mentor two boys who would probably benefit more if you stayed out the way. Not surprised this was a #1 a few weeks back.

7: Leona Lewis ~ Happy B
After failing to grab the #1 spot two weeks ago, Leona Lewis has failed to impress me lately. Sure, this single is pretty decent with her epic vocals, and wonderful arrangement, but Echo was such a bore I turned it off before the end. I realise that Lewis wanted to challenge herself with a new direction, but where is the "Bleeding Love" diva that we fell in love with not that long ago. Not surprisingly Echo rocketed to Number 1 in the UK, however the Americans came to their senses and "Happy" flopped. Badly!

6: Susan Boyle ~ Wild Horses C
Yes, yes. I know she has a nice voice, but that's about it. I am terribly bored with Susie, she reminds me of a Leona Lewis O.A.P. With all the resources that have been invested into Susan, I'm not really sure why she hasn't released an original- let alone choosing a Rolling Stones song to cover. Emotions, and feelings are expressed beautifully, but it's not really my cup of tea. Number One album tomorrow I predict.

5: Lady Gaga ~ Bad Romance A-
Easily one of the best songs of 2009- how has this not been #1 yet? My favourite Gaga tune. The eccentric riffs complement Gaga versatile voice to the very core. This single hasn't got the credit it deserves, and I can't believe that it has only just peaked inside the Top Ten, after being released a few weeks ago. My "Fame Monster" review here. Absolutely Gaga-tastic!

4: Ke$ha ~ Tik Tok B
This year has been fantastic for the upcoming singer-songwriter Ke$sha. After featuring on two of Flo Rida's tracks- "Right Round" and "Touch Me"- the first being a record breaking #1, things could have only gone up with her debut album. First single "Tik Tok" is extremely successful it what it sets out to achieve- naughtiness, rebelliousness, and having fun- a perfect remedy for a modern pop song. Although it's a tad repetitive.

3: Rihanna ~ Russian Roulette A-
The only single here that I believe is capable of competing with the genius that is "Bad Romance". Undeniably great, this emotion-driven first single shows the rest of the world how to produce a proper ballad with feelings. My full review here. A true classic.

2: Black Eyed Peas ~ Meet Me Halfway C
How is this still here?

1: Jason Derulo ~ Watcha Say B+

'Borrowing' a sample from Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek". Jason cries his name in true American R'n'B fashion, and declared he's been wrong. I would of scored this great track higher, but I can't help to think the whole concept was built around the sample. Nevertheless this is easy to forget as the fresh vibes complement his smooth, slightly computerized vocals. I am eager to hear more songs from this new 'man-of-R'n'B', as I believe his writes his own material and has also written the smash "Replay" sung by Iyaz. A worthy #1, and I'm glad it has finally reached the top spot on the ITunes chart.

Note: All positions are correct to 17:10 GMT on ITunes Chart.


Paul said...

God the x factor song is dismal now the emotional manipulation of the sick children has worn off. I'd rather just give my £4 straight to the charity. Apparently Simon wanted Westlife to record it - I bet it was his first thought when MJ died...

jamesyoungmusic said...

Probably! Loving the blog btw, especially the X Factor Posts- read it every week :D
Let's hope Simon choses something better for the Winners Song...