Rihanna "Russian Roulette" Review. + "Rated R" New Tracks

. Friday, 30 October 2009
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So Rihanna has finally released her first single from her fourth album- Rated R. I love the new edgier look, and her songs and voice have obviously matured over the past couple of years. I can see "Russian Roulette" being a huge hit worldwide, but maybe not as much as the brilliant number one "Umbrella" was. My opinions on the song...
To start the title just tells me this song is going to be epic, and it's not wrong. Ne-Yo has another worldwide hit on his hands with this one. The whole vibe is strange, but she has a great talent that she can adapt her voice to any type of beat or style, whether it's "Please Don't Stop The Music" or "Disturbia". The lyrics are amazing: "And you can see my heart beating You can see it through my chest And I’m terrified but I’m not leaving Know that I must must pass this test So just pull the trigger"- Wowzer. My favourite part just has to be when she sings "You can see my heart beating"- it send chills down my spine.
On the first listen, you may expect this song to come to something massive at the end, but it doesn't. However that's what I love about this song- it doesn't need a massively over-done ending. After hearing this, "Rated R" has gone straight to the top of my Eagerly Awaited list- very excited to hear the rest of the album.
So dramatic, and addictive A- Listen here.

Rihanna has also released a sneak preview of her alleged second single- "The Wait Is Ova" . The thirty-nine second snippet is so exciting it's pushing "Rated R" off the Eagerly Awaited list and onto the Have To Have Now list. I love it when she sings the title over and over in the chorus, and I can't wait to hear it in full. Listen here.
Two other tracks have been confirmed for "Rated R"- Rock Star and Hard featuring The-Dream and Young Jeezy who have worked with the likes of Mariah Carey and Ciara- exciting stuff!