Jennifer Lopez. Louboutins. Review

. Saturday, 21 November 2009
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American pop princess Jennifer Lopez, has just released her first single from her seventh, yes SEVENTH album, but don't expect it to involve a more mature and adult side to JLO- it's about an expensive brand of shoes. Can't say it sounds great on paper, but let's give it a spin. Here are my thoughts...
I do really love the synthy beginning followed by a quick spurt of trumpet hoots that should have stayed a lot longer- it really would of been a great feature throughout the song. Everything is going well until about seven seconds in, and she starts singing "Taking back my love,". There's nothing wrong with this until you realise she has sang it a staggering EIGHT(??!) times, which is crazily annoying and repetitive.
Then we get to the chorus...
There three words in the chorus repeated over and over and over and over.... (you get the point!) The synthy beats are boring by now, and once I actually checked the video to see if it was stuck on repeat, it was so repetitive.
There's nothing unique about this song, and if this is supposed to mark JLO's comeback to the music industry then I'm afraid to say: you failed. It sounds like a "Licky" (Shontelle) cousin, and her vocals are questionable throughout the track. Everything just goes downhill after the chorus...
Annoying. Repetitive. D+

Listen here.