Lady Gaga. Dance In The Dark. Review.

. Monday, 9 November 2009
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Somebody please tell me: what is wrong with this woman? Or is it man/woman- I'm not taking sides! First- a couple of months back- she cancels a tour with Kayne West to tour solo, and then she cancels the release of her highly anticipated re-release album The Fame: Monster, because of arguments with her record company(!!??)- I don't know?
Nonetheless, we still have a second single that will be released shortly in the United Kingdom, and has already been released in Ireland. There hasn't been much hype surrounding "Bad Romance", but hopefully this single with get the attention it deserves. Here are my thoughts...
Firstly, I think it sounds a bit like a Bad Romance clone, and again a slight bit too repetitive, even if this is Lady Gaga's style; I'm not too keen.
However, the new single is so incredibly catchy it's easy to forget any flaw the song may have. "Dance in the Dark" is another gem written by Gaga and produced by Fernando Garibay. Lady Gaga sings my favourite part, the "She's a mess" part with such conviction that I think she is the only artist that could of pulled this off. Although in some parts I think her voice in drowned out by the backing track too much.
Whatever you may think of her, Gaga proves once again that has music is irresistibly danceable, and I was grooving in my chair before the first minute. This is another major grower, and I feel she has another top-ten hit on her hands. Gotta love that Gaga charm. B