Beyonce feat Lady Gaga. Video Phone. Review.

. Saturday, 14 November 2009
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stills from the video

In just one day, we were delivered not one but two(!!) Lady Gaga/Beyonce collaborations through the magic of youtube, and I know this review is rather late, but it's better now than no time at all. Anyway, this is going to be a sure hit for the 'divas' around the world, mainly because of all the hype surrounding this collab and "Telephone". Here are my opinions on Beyonce's whopping eighth single!

Firstly, I love the vibe and groove that vibrates through the song. Beyonce's 'swagger' is strong throughout the song, and this is something Lady Gaga can only dream of having. Although, the "Uh, Uh"s annoy me slightly- they're just to constant and repetitive.

Then comes Lady Gaga's part- which I have to say is amazing- obviously not as good as Beyonce though. Gaga sings "Hubba Hubba" seductively and convincingly, and her voice sounds very convincing and genuine- a quality that most of her songs lack.

To finish "Video Phone" Beyonce concludes with a short harmony, and the couple join again to sing orgasmic "Uh Uh"s- a downfall if you ask me.

How could they go wrong? A-


SOHA15 said...

Videophone is the sluttest, trashiest video I've ever seen!! why did beyonce even bother wearing any clothes. Beyonce has lost her mind! I started to respect Beyonce a little bit after Halo cuz it was such a nice song, but after this I'm back on the Beyonce hatorade! She's a freakin' slut! She's married, she should behave more appropriately.