Rihanna "Russian Roulette" Review. + "Rated R" New Tracks

. Friday, 30 October 2009

So Rihanna has finally released her first single from her fourth album- Rated R. I love the new edgier look, and her songs and voice have obviously matured over the past couple of years. I can see "Russian Roulette" being a huge hit worldwide, but maybe not as much as the brilliant number one "Umbrella" was. My opinions on the song...
To start the title just tells me this song is going to be epic, and it's not wrong. Ne-Yo has another worldwide hit on his hands with this one. The whole vibe is strange, but she has a great talent that she can adapt her voice to any type of beat or style, whether it's "Please Don't Stop The Music" or "Disturbia". The lyrics are amazing: "And you can see my heart beating You can see it through my chest And I’m terrified but I’m not leaving Know that I must must pass this test So just pull the trigger"- Wowzer. My favourite part just has to be when she sings "You can see my heart beating"- it send chills down my spine.
On the first listen, you may expect this song to come to something massive at the end, but it doesn't. However that's what I love about this song- it doesn't need a massively over-done ending. After hearing this, "Rated R" has gone straight to the top of my Eagerly Awaited list- very excited to hear the rest of the album.
So dramatic, and addictive A- Listen here.

Rihanna has also released a sneak preview of her alleged second single- "The Wait Is Ova" . The thirty-nine second snippet is so exciting it's pushing "Rated R" off the Eagerly Awaited list and onto the Have To Have Now list. I love it when she sings the title over and over in the chorus, and I can't wait to hear it in full. Listen here.
Two other tracks have been confirmed for "Rated R"- Rock Star and Hard featuring The-Dream and Young Jeezy who have worked with the likes of Mariah Carey and Ciara- exciting stuff!

Cheryl Cole. Three Words. Review.

. Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Well what can I say? Cheryl Cole: Solo Album. Who would have thought it? Guaranteed to be Number One? Well here's my thoughts on her debut album "3 Words"...
Kicking of Chezzer's album is the confirmed second single "3 Words" featuring- Yep, you guessed it- Will.I.am. This is one of the most boring songs of 2009, and I nearly fell asleep before the chorus. "3 Words"? "3 Notes" more like, as I'm pretty sure she can only sing three of them. Dreadful and utterly boring- second single, really? ZZzzzz E-
"Parachute" is the next song that will hopefully not send me into a deep slumber. It's very march-y, and regimental. Sounds a bit recycled, and becomes increasingly repetitive. However this is one of the better tracks- somehow. Okay, still bored. D
The third track on this rather short album is entitled "Heaven", and guess what Will.I.am is featured on it- is this girl capable of doing a song alone that isn't crap. She sounds about three years old in the beginning- and not in a cute way. The "Around" bit is totally abysmal. Why does she sing songs she can't song. Wit'chu'??! You're from Newcastle! E-
Track number four is "Fight For This Love"- Cole's debut single. Finally a track I can listen to without ear-plugs! Even though her voice sounds extremely computerized, it's a major grower and she can really perform this song live (even if it is a little off). Best song on the album. B-
After my spirits have lifted slightly after listening to "FFTL", I was slightly more optimistic about the album; but this just went down the drain. "Rain On Me" is another *sigh* slow song, with more crappy lyrics: "What's the price of thunder?"- What!? Most of the chorus doesn't even sound like her. Cringy E-
"Make Me Cry" starts with a random intro' that obviously couldn't be put anywhere else. The backing track sounds like an old Black Eyed Peas song that didn't make the album, and it just sounds the same to every other song on the album. Weird vibe. E- No wait- she says "shit" E
My second favourite song on the album is "Happy Hour", probably because it's upbeat and has a more R'n'B influence. It's another big grower, but it won't be a single unfortunately- prove me wrong! The lyrics aren't that bad, and her voice this type of song. Fun. B-
Track number eight is "Stand Up". She has so many backing vocals in the beginning, it might as well be a Girls Aloud song. Again, it's boring- probably another reject from a Girls Aloud album, but at least it's upbeat. Okay. C-
The first proper ballad is "Don't Talk About This Love"- a forgettable, mediocre song that Alesha Dixon would sing. Not amazing, but radio friendly. The album on average better after the first half. So-So C-
Next up is "Boy Like You" featuring Will.I.am- surprisingly. Again, this sounds exactly like every other track- recycled BEP rubbish. I guess it's not terrible, but it's definitely not great. Lyrics are again crap, but it's club-friendly. Swagger?!- You're not Fergie! D+
The last track (thank god) is "Heartbreaker"- the 2008 hit. It's a decent track and I liked it in 2008, but it's not really her song so I've decided not to include it in the marking.

Overall the album is generally better towards the end, but it's short and she is obviously cashing in on her X Factor fame. Oh Dear. E+

Radom Track Of The Week: Launch

. Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I've decided to start "UpdatetheBeat's, Random Track of the Week". It's basically a display of a random track from any genre or time period, that I have come across on my iTunes or someone has requested. So please request and contact me at updatethebeat@hotmail.co.uk or leave a message below. Thanks!

Shontelle Licky. Review.


"L-I-Licky-C-K-Licky-Y" my 'amazing' cover art skills
Not long ago, Shontelle's (the Barbados-born, upcoming artist) first single from her sophomore album- entitled "Licky", was premiered on American Radio. The beat is fun, and danceable, and the lyrics are unsurprisingly erotic"the creamiest taste for love."The single is a completely different direction for Shontelle, and she sounds a bit too 'Britney'. I'm sorry to say Britney's "3" is better, however I can see "Licky" being very big, especially in America. Overall, it's okay, but not amazing. It's modern and fun, but sounds too 'copycat'.
Just scrapes a C+
So here it is. Make your own mind up

Farewell Miss Frank.

. Monday, 26 October 2009

I was thoroughly disappointed last night when Miss Frank were voted out of the X Factor. They were surely the best girl band the competition has ever seen. I agree, however, that Danyl Johnson should not have been in the bottom two, but he is too arrogant and cocky to ever win.

Miss Frank must be given a record deal, after their solid performance yesterday. I would love to see them be signed by the likes of RocNation- imagine a collaboration between Miss Frank and Jay-Z. Surely a number one hit.

My personal favourite performance from Miss Frank- performed at Bootcamp. Watch it here

Alexandra Burke's Overcome.

. Sunday, 25 October 2009

I'm am very excited to announce that I have finally received my most anticipated album of the year. I even managed to avoid the dreaded postal strike.
Ever since I saw Alexandra Burke's first audition last year I knew she would win- she had to with a voice like that! I could never understand why Diana Vickers was ever the favourite, and how Eoghan Quigg made the finals. Each to their own I suppose...
First single and track from Overcome is "Bad Boys" featuring Flo Rida: a blatant attempt to break the US Market- not that I'm complaining! He definitely adds something unique and special to the record. Bad Boys just has to be the catchiest song on the whole album. It's fun, danceable, and gets stuck in your head for the whole day- a perfect remedy for a successful pop song, and surprise, surprise that is exactly what it has become. It has to be my favourite on the album and for that reason it gets a well-deserved A+
"Good Night Good Morning" is the second and final collaboration on the album- featuring Ne-Yo. I expected a lot from this track, but I'm not sure if the song lived up to it's true potential to be a fantastic hit. Don't get me wrong- I love the beginning: "This beat is crazy, This club a-maz-ing," is fantastic, but I feel the song loses steam, and becomes a tad repetitive. Ne-Yo doesn't stand out, and it wouldn't of made a difference if he wasn't there. C+
The first ballad on the album is "The Silence" and was (surprisingly) produced by RedOne. This is-by far-the best ballad on the album. The beat reminds me of Bleeding Love slightly, and is just as epic. The song shows just how amazing Burke's voice and range actually is. Will this become a single? Not sure how it would be received. A
"All Night Long" is a perfect example of Alexandra's bubbly personality. The song is upbeat and fun just like Burke. The song is perfectly suited to the dance floor, and reminds me slightly of SOS-Rihanna. Chorus is energetic; lyrics aren't amazing, but suit the song. B
The most unique track on the album has to be "Bury Me (6 Feet Under)", but I don't think this is for the right reasons- it's definitely not what I expected. It has a groovy-sort-of beat, and some strange lyrics: " You need to think about this moment, before you eat around this donut." It's a grower. B-
RedOne produced "Broken Heels" is definitely the most fun, bubbly and energetic song on the album: It's extremely danceable, and I can imagine this as a single. It's a "I can do anything better than you" sort-of song. Good, strong track. B+
The last RedOne produced song on Overcome is "Dumb"- another upbeat, extremely fun (again!) song that has the potential to be a single, but is very similar to "Broken Heels". I am in love the the continuous "dumb"'s throughout the song. Irresistibly danceable. B+
The second ballad and title track "Overcome" is exactly what I expected from Burke, and Leona would easily have this on her album. The song isn't is as epic as "The Silence"
and lives in its shadow slightly. Strong Chorus. C+
"Gotta Go" is good, but easily forgettable and nothing about it is amazing. Even so, it's a decent album track, but I wasn't that impressed. C+
Pixie Lott written "You Broke My Heart" is a lot better than the previous two tracks, probably because it is more upbeat and her voice suits faster songs. Enjoyable, but forgettable. Decent. B-
Stargate and Ne-Yo produced "Nothing But The Girl" feels a lot more futuristic and electronic than the others tracks, and I think this works. The chorus is fun, and energetic and sounds like "About A Girl" (Sugababes- also Ne-Yo produced). Fun. B-
The final track (without bonus's) is the soft "They Don't Know". This track is perfectly suited as the finale to the album, as it expresses Burke's personality perfectly. Calm and collected, it feels very clean. Excellent. B+
Overall: B

Sugababes Reveal Sweet 7 Cover.

. Friday, 23 October 2009

So here it is. The cover of one of the most intriguing albums of the year -well for me. I have been wondering all year how American these girls were going to become after signing to RocNation- Jay-Z's label. And the answer is... Very. Unfortunately. Or maybe fortunately depending on the way you may look at it. To think only a couple of years ago they were criticising Girls Aloud for taking their clothes off to sell records! Even so I am still looking forward to the release of their album- especially the collaboration with Kingston. However Get Sexy was one of the worst songs of 2009, but I'm hoping About a Girl will grow on me when it's released- I'll just have to see. Anyway, enjoy!