Classic Christmas Countdown~ The Runners- Up.

. Tuesday, 1 December 2009
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Thanks to QueenBeeSasha for Fan-art
Yep, you guessed it. It's that time of year.... Decorations are being stuck to spindly trees, Lights are being lit, spoilt children are demanding expensive gifts, and Grannies are busy knitting jumpers. I feel that a compulsory subject in the school of blogging must be creating some sort of a 'Christmas' list, whether your passion is Science or Food.
My first ever Christmas list will consist of my personal favourite classic songs of the festive period. This means that songs by Rihanna or Alicia Keys will not feature in the list even though I think highly of their Christmas songs, as I do not think of these as classics, although they may creep into the runners-up (below).
Over the next few weeks I will reveal #10 - #1, and give an in-depth review of each individual track. However the runners-up list just consists of 'honourable-mentions' and will not be reviewed in such full detail. Here it goes...
My first just has to be A Fairytale Of New York ~ The Progues feat Kirsty MacColl. I realise that many people would argue that this was a stand-out Christmas track, and it firmly deserves its place on the countdown, but I disagree. Yes, it did well sales-wise, but I really don;t think it pushed any boundaries, and the huskiness of their voices just gets rather annoying after a while.
Secondly is an extremely new song that only came to my attention today, but I'm mighty glad it did. Lady Gaga has done it again. Teaming up with Space Cowboy to create the brilliant Christmas Tree. Unlike the the song above, Lady Gaga manages to push every boundary possible, and even squeezes a cheeky rap in- listen below.
The classic Let it Snow! just manages to be bumped off my favourite list, along with John and Yoko, followed closely by Shakin' Stevens. More hits from The Carpenters, Mud, and Destiny's Child deserve an honorable mention. One of my favourites, Rockin' around the Christmas Tree is possibly my favourite track from this list, because of it's catchiness and likability factor, but again it was just pipped to the post, along with Chris Rea, and Sir Elton.
This list has been impossibly hard to compile, and I apologize if it's a bit of a mess, but there are so many great Festive tunes that I probably haven't mentioned already that will be included in my proper countdown, or mentioned below in an update.
For now listen to this masterpiece. Can't say it gets you in the festive mood though.


Paul said...

i'm all for a bit of christmas on the blog :) Keep it coming :) I feel all festive now :)

jamesyoungmusic said...

If Lady Gaga can be festive, so can we :)

undisco_me said...

I love Christmas lists - hopefully Gaga will do more like The Killers, she does seem particularly adept at collaborating.