Sugababes. About A Girl. Review.

. Saturday, 7 November 2009
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So, so, so. Here we have it. Sugababes 4.0. At least I think this is the most recent line up- it's probably changed at least twice since I started typing. Okay I admit: this may be a slight exaggeration, but you get the point. At time of writing the 'Babes consist of (left to right) Jade Ewen, Heidi Range, and Amelle Berrabah. The second single from the horrifically named seventh album "Sweet 7" is the first single to be released with the most recent Babe Jade Ewen- from Eurovision fame. I wasn't too optimistic after having heard "Get Sexy", but here are my views.
"About a Girl" kicks off with Ewen singing "RedOne"- the producers trademark- followed by "Sugababes" . How ironic is it that she sings this after being in the band for less than five minutes! I must admit that I love the beginning and this feeling continues throughout the whole of this club-banger.
The chorus is so incredibly catchy, and firmly cements itself into your head- I have come to expect this from every RedOne song. I believe this is the perfect second single for Babes. It's fresh, exciting, ambitious, and positively amazing! This hit is going to spread through the country faster than an epidemic, and will be played in every club across the capital for months.
My only criticism of this awesome song would be that-again- it sounds a tad American, I mean Amelle does sing "Y'all" rather a lot, but who doesn't love a bit of American slang? It's a shame Keisha Buchanan couldn't be a part of this wonderful song, but at least the United Kingdom's favourite Eurovision entry could join in. One of my favourite songs and it is an immediate grower.
Here's the video. It's Young, fun, vibrant. Much better than "Get Sexy". B++