The Saturdays. Ego. Review.

. Wednesday, 18 November 2009
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The Sats (left to right: Mollie, Una, Rochelle, Vanessa, Frankie)

After "Forever is Over" failed to debut at number-one, The Sats have decided to place their bets with second single "Ego" a raunchy, upbeat, women-empowerment number that they are hoping will become their first ever #1. Here are my thoughts and opinions...

The heavy beat is the first thing to strike you, as the girls warble away chanting: "You need to have a sit down with your ego!" If I was to describe the song in one word it would have to be- confident. Confident. CONFIDENT- oh that was three... The girls have clearly matured and become more willing to be more deep in their songs, and have even co-written a track incidentally called "Deeper". All their voices have progressed, and Vanessa steals the song with her great, power-house vocals.

Back to "Ego". The girls sound much fiercer in this track than many other on the album, and I love the arrogance that is portrayed in the lyrics and electro-vibes that pulsate through the chorus. "Ego" is definitely a stand-out track on their sophomore album: Wordshaker (cover above), and I am glad this is the second single. I love the new edge and sound- I would even go as far as saying it sounded slightly pop-rocky a hurdle I never thought the girls would jump even with the army of producers and writers they have.

So there you have. It's actually pretty good. B+

Here's the video.


Mel said...

I <3 "Ego" (along with the rest of 'Wordshaker'), but I have more loyalty for the album's title track. If that doesn't become a single...heads will roll. Haha.

Oh -- and I added you to my blogroll, but for whatever reason, it won't update the feed and lists your newest post as from 3 weeks ago. Strange. :(

Ken said...

Ego is one of my favoured tracks in the wordshaker album. Although I must say they're just a few. Anyways, the viddie is hot right?

@Mel: That happened for me too. Maybe, you can fix your feed URL. try


jamesyoungmusic said...

Thanks for the comments- I will try feedburner again! :D

Nikki said...

'Ego'. OH YEAH. Hahah. I think it was on my chart a few weeks back.

I echo Mel and Ken, my blogroll says your last post was 3 weeks ago. Strange.

jamesyoungmusic said...

I have re-done my feedburner. Maybe it will work now? :D