ITunes Roundup. 6.12.09.

. Sunday, 6 December 2009
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The ITunes round-up has now moved to Sundays, and the NE's are new from last week, not a new entry into the chart. Another X Factor influenced week...
10: Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys ~ Empire State of Mind (NE) B
Clawing its way back into the top ten-due to Alicia's inspiring performance on the X Factor last week- "Empire State of Mind" is energetic, fun and patriotic. I adore the hi-hat that vibrates throughout the whole song, and although rapping isn't really my cup of tea, Alicia's vocals are chilling and just what the song needs. It is clear that a lot of time and energy has gone into making the instrumental as catchy and complicated as possible to hide the repetitiveness of the rap. The build-up to Alicia's chorus is inspiring.

9: Chipmunk ~ Look For Me (NE) C
Why do rappers find the cheapest singers they can find to feature in their songs? I mean, who's heard of Talay Riley? The usual slightly tacky, and cheap "Woo" begins and concludes this Chipmunk track. The whole song sounds too much like a "Number 1" rip-off, and I can't stand the cheesy lyrics. It's nothing new, but not a bad effort from a rapper who's only just finished his A-Levels.
8: Pixie Lott ~ Cry Me Out (NE) B+
A great new direction for one of my favourite break-through artists of this year. This girl is full of talent, and has written for the likes of Alexandra Burke. Pixie really brings out her more mature side, and manages to sustain a great vibe throughout. Her voice shines, and is especially great towards the end- so controlled, and strong.
7: Jason Derulo ~ Watcha Say (1) B+
Falling a massive six places, Jason's voice is still sleek, cool, and controlled. Although he didn't reach the top-spot, Peter Kay's charity single was a worthy winner. "Watcha Say" does become tiresome quickly though, and it won't be remembered. Fun, but too computerized.
6: Alicia Keys ~ Doesn't Mean Anything (NE) B
The second time Alicia appears in this list, is with her first single from her fourth album "The Element Of Freedom". At first I'm reminded of "No One", which isn't a bad thing. Both songs share the same qualities, and flaws. I instantly prefer "No One", as "Doesn't Mean Anything" lacks a punch, and a massive chorus. Although I would gladly listen to it, this track lacks 'the X-Factor'. Calming, but something missing.

5: Ke$ha ~ Tik Tok (4) B
Refusing to budge from the top-five, "Tik Tok" firmly cements its place with in the UK Top-Ten with digital sales alone. This is no small feat, achieved by a relatively unknown American singer. As with many other songs on this chart, "Tik Tok" suffers from the repetitiveness curse. Her echoing vocals do still sustain my interest and curiosity into what she's going to do next.

4: Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtardo & SoShy ~ Morning After Dark (NE) B
Making a welcome return to the music-industry, Timbaland brings another star-studded cast to complete his album. Leading the pack of potential-hits is "Morning After Dark". Lead by its electro beats, Timbaland and Nelly bend their vocals around the vibes with great success. The same qualities that made us fall in love with "The Way I Are" are here, and I love Nelly's vocals- very different to what she has done before. Club-friendly, and produced by Timbaland- what's not to love?

3: Black Eyed Peas ~ Meet Me Halfway (2) C
Why? Just, why?

2: Lady Gaga ~ Bad Romance (5) A-
Battling it out for the top-spot are two of my favourite songs of 2009- I would be equally happy to see either of them make it. This single is surely a classic, and I'm so glad to see it climb, probably ready to over-take "Russian Roulette" after Lady Gaga's performance tonight on the X-Factor. This song will never get old, for me.
1: Rihanna ~ Russian Roulette (3) A-
A true classic. Deserves the top-spot. Need I say any more?