Classic Christmas Countdown. #5 ~ LAST CHRISTMAS.

. Saturday, 19 December 2009
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How could it possibly be Christmas if you don't attempt to sing along to Wham!'s insanely catchy chorus every festive season. The chimes are magical and very festive, and I love the falsetto (?) note that begins this festive classic. George's vocals are impeccable and are just what the song needs without making it too cheesy- although there is still a lot of cheese there!
The lyrics are actually quite deep in a 'kind-of' way, and the harmonies are spot-on. The drums just add a great new dimension to the song, and the chimes and bells help to increase the cheesiness and festiveness. "Last Christmas" is a great little gem on the top of the festive treats pile, but I can't help feeling that the repetitiveness will soon bore me.

This song is a target for a lot of cheesy pop artists, and has been covered the likes of disney-princess Ashley Tisdale, Alcazar, Cascada, and Taylor Swift. Ashley managed to produce one of the worst covers EVER. Her voice is so nasally- divine! Taylor has added her own, little country vibe and has produced an average cover- I'm not a fan. Cascada has totally surprised us all and made a dance number.. ZZzzz. The Alcazar version is camper than Christmas and the video is absolutely hilarious (here) The only cover I actually like is- surprisingly- Metro Station's. I actually enjoy the indie feel to it. I realise it's not totally original, but it's the best cover I found.