Classic Christmas Countdown. #9 ~ I WISH IT COULD BE CHRISTMAS EVERYDAY

. Monday, 7 December 2009
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Although I don't wish it was Christmas everyday, this song is clearly a classic and I would be faced by an angry-mob if I didn't include this number-four hit by Wizzard in my Classic Christmas Countdown.
The whole song-especially the beginning- has a very comedic and fun feel to it. Although keeping to the classic feel with the festive bells, the band have incorporated their own style, and feel to the song. I love the instrumental sections, and the choir backing vocals that force you to sing along. This song is so unbelievably infectious that you can't help yourself screeching "Let The Beeeeeeeeeeells Riiiiiiing out for Christmaaaaaaaaaas!" The husky vocals are perfectly matched by the brass instruments, and the vibrant tempo.
Concluding the song is the choir again, accompanied by more bells- pure Christmas magic. A true classic.

It's pretty common for an artist (or band) to fail miserably trying to cover a Christmas song, and Girls Aloud are no exemption to this rule. Their rendition of "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday" is supremely awful, and could never match the greatness that is Wizzard. The Spice Girls attempted too, but failed- not surprisingly- although I did strangely prefer it to the Girl's Aloud version. The version below is the closest to Wizzard's crown.