Classic Christmas Countdown. #8 ~ MERRY XMAS EVERYBODY

. Saturday, 12 December 2009
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The famous line from the slightly mad, one-and-only Noddy Holder. A line that will be probably be remembered forever amongst the greats. Merry Xmas Everybody just had to make my top-ten.

The build up with the scaling chords is magical, and really gets you in the festive mood. The guitar riffs are without fault, and the vocals are rough and husky- a perfect compliment to the backing track. The track is a must for drunken office parties, but is also a favourite for Grandparents to nod their head along to on Christmas day. People may say that this song is very similar to Wizzard's classic, Slade have made this their own, and made it totally original. I would choose this every time over Wizzard, because of it wackiness, bounciness, and Christmasy-ness (is that even a word- it should be!). A must have for all festive fans.

There have been plenty of covers of this Slade classic, and- not surprisingly- I have yet to find one that matches the greatness of the original. Anyway here are the ones that tried. Girls Aloud: I don't know why I bother with this girl-group- I don't like any of the songs included on their Christmas special. The cheesy-pop group Steps covered the classic, and actually pulled it off in their own weird, camp way. The electro chimes added work well, and the vocals aren't actually that terrible. The best cover I have come across has to be Noel Gallagher's (from Oasis). His crisp vocals add a new dimension to the song, and the acoustic works well. However- as I have said numerous times before- nothing can match the original.