ITunes Roundup. 13.12.09.

. Sunday, 13 December 2009
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This week is not surprisingly X-Factor fuelled, but this will be over soon...

10: Chipmunk ~ Look For Me (9) C
I have already expressed my feelings for this tacky, although radio-friendly single (read last weeks article here), and the lyrics still irritate me along with the unimaginative 'warbles', and rapping skills. Not his best effort.
9: Jason Derulo ~ Whatcha Say (7) B+
Continuing to decline rapidly, Jason's debut hit still rings in my head, and I doubt it will ever become old in my mind, with its slick and confident vocals. I love the Imogen Heap sample, although I feel she perhaps should of been credited. Fresh, and cool- just what we needed.
8: Alicia Keys ~ Doesn't Mean Anything (6) B
I actually really enjoy this track even though it's admittedly a cheap, "No One" knock-off- but to be honest, who cares? The British public certainly don't, and her debut single has firmly cemented it self into the top-ten thanks to her X-Factor performance a couple of weeks ago. It's emotional, but similar.
7: Robbie Williams ~ You Know Me (NE) C+
Normally I'm not a fan of Robbie, but I did enjoy his 'comeback' "Bodies". "You Know Me" is more stripped down, and lyrically-lead (does that make sense?). His vocals are questionable-as always- I can't help feeling this single wouldn't have made the top-ten without his X-Factor 'blessing'. One for the Robbie fans.
6: Cheryl Cole feat Will.I.Am ~ 3 Words (NE) E-
Surely one of the worst singles (and videos) of the year, maybe even the decade. Why did you buy this?
5: Chuckie & LMFAO ~Let The Bass Kick in Miami Bitch (NE) C
You either love or hate this tune, apparently. However I'm undecided. The riff sounds too similar to "Sexy Bitch" for my liking, and the talking is quite annoying really. Although it's nothing new, this song is a must for all clubs, and is extremely danceable. Nothing new- a total club-banger.
4: Ke$ha ~ Tik Tok (4) B
Gifted with one of the best chorus's of the year, "Tik Tok" actually managed to climb up a spot. There is no doubt that this girl has talent, and I'm looking forward to "Animal" (The 303!H single sounds intriguing), but this song is rapidly boring me, and I feel it's over-welcomed its stay a bit.
3: Black Eyed Peas ~ Meet Me Halfway (NM) C
Hasn't this been here for like a billion weeks?
2: Rihanna ~ Russian Roulette (1) A-
The most emotional song of the year- without a doubt. I can't believe that "Rated R" (my review here) hasn't has the colossal amount of success it deserved, but at least the lead single has. "Russian Roulette" is a wonderful piece of art. A timeless classic.

1: Lady Gaga ~ Bad Romance (2) A-

Surely one of the best songs (and videos) of 2009. The exact opposite of Cheryl Cole. This is a pop-tastic classic, with a mischievous and dark meaning.