Alicia Keys feat Beyonce. Put It In A Love Song. Review.

. Friday, 4 December 2009
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Just a few hours ago "Put It In A Love Song" was leaked-surprisingly- to the eager world of the Internet. The track is part of "The Element of Freedom", Alicia Keys's fourth studio album that will be released shortly on December 15th. I have high expectations of this album, as I have been so impressed with her lyrical, writing, and vocal abilities especially in the last year. When I heard that my favourite female artist of the past two years: Beyonce was collaborating with Alicia, I jumped at the chance to review the collaboration. Here are my thoughts...
The song begins with the two divas facing each other off- Alicia taking the lead and Beyonce echoing her beautifully. The intro is swiftly over, and Keys brings in her own vibe and style to the first verse. Although the writing is clever, Alicia sounds strained and a tad over-whelmed especially during the second-half.
With Beyonce's backing the vocals are magic, and the chorus is very successful, and the driving drums leading the way is a clever idea. The song is very empowering, and sounds like Single Ladies slightly. I love the "Work it Out" bit, and I can imagine the crowd chanting with the two divas when this is performed live. The song is a great crowd-pleaser, but sounds increasingly repetitive after the 2 minute mark, which really isn't acceptable.
I really do want to love this song and for most of it I do, but I can't escape the feeling that the original wow-factor is going to wear away. Saying that, the song is a grower even though the wow-factor will be gone, and I'm sure in a few days my score will be higher, but for now this song only deserves a B