. Monday, 28 December 2009
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Hope you all had a good holiday!- mines been great! As you may know from Twitter, I was unfortunately ill on the run-up to Christmas, so I was unable to post the final of my Classic Christmas Countdown posts, but I decided to post them now- so here they are!

I was completely undecided between these two festive favourites, so I placed them as joint winners. Both songs are possibly two of the most influential songs ever. White Christmas, because it's the biggest selling song EVER, and Band Aid, because it must have been the first time that that amount of superstars grouped together to collaborate for charity.
These two are, without a doubt, my favourite Christmas tunes- The Crosby Classic is amazingly soothing, and calming Whereas, Do They Know It's Christmas Time is fun, vibrant, new, exciting, the list goes on and on...
The original Band Aid is clearly the best, as the newer version- although featuring so many talented artists- sounded so tacky. I love the great chimes, and originality of the original and it's a timeless classic. Talking of classics, we have White Christmas which is undoubtedly the most well-known song in the world. It's staggering how many copies of White Christmas have been sold.
So there we have it, my favourite festive song(s)- hope you have enjoyed the list, and have a Happy New Year!