New Video: Cheryl Cole ~ Parachute.

. Monday, 1 February 2010

Best Song Of The Moment ~ Number One Enemy.

. Sunday, 31 January 2010

Number One Enemy ~ Daisy Dares You featuring Chipmunk = Bleemin' Amazingness!

This is how much I want Sweet 7 NOW!

. Thursday, 28 January 2010

I. Literally. Can't. Contain. My. Excitement.
The Best Sugababes album yet? It looks like it...
Sweet 7 is full of amazing, fresh-sounding songs that will surely (hopefully!) bring the brand of Sugababes back to life!
Get Sexy was admittedly a shaky start, but About a Girl was surely fantastic and the video wasn't half bad. Wear My Kiss is on it's way to being the third top-ten hit from Sweet 7. It might even rocket it's way to the top-spot with the right promotion- the video is actually quite neat. I would like to see Thank You For The Heartbreak, Wait For You, and Miss Everything all released as singles as they have massive amounts of pottential. I haven't heard one filler from Sweet 7 yet!
The only thing I am looking for now is a well-rounded ballad to accompany the club-bangers. The harmonious pottential that I saw in Santa Baby, must be echoed throughout the whole of Sweet 7. Seriously, I can't wait...

Current Single: Wear My Kiss.

Heidi Montag ~ Superficial. Review.

. Sunday, 24 January 2010

When I first heard Heidi Montag- new Queen of Plastic Surgery- was intending on releasing an album I though it was a joke. Now that I see it's true, I still think it's a joke. She can't sing, dance, or perform and her first video was filmed by her boyfriend with a handheld camera! You can see why I was a little apprehensive at first... Here's my review of her first single- Superficial.
The track opens with a shaky synthesiser and quick whispers which rapidly lead on the the heaviest amount of vocal-stabilisers on a voice I have ever heard. I doubt she even sang one note on the whole album! The chorus is boring, forgettable and the verses aren't much better. She has the smallest range humanly possible and about three notes are used throughout.
The Internet has exploded with opinions on Heidi, and many people claim that the song would be a million times better if somebody else sang it- I completely disagree. There is no sparkle or inspiration in the song writing and it's one of the most unimaginative, bland songs I have heard in a long time. There is no dimension or diversity to this song, and the backing track is far too repetitive.
Terrible. She sounds like a cyberman. F My lowest rating ever.

Statement: Sorry for the lack of posts lately- my PC has decided to stop working.

Best Song of the Moment ~ Wear My Kiss.

. Thursday, 21 January 2010

Pop perfection. I love it. See The Beat Review for the full video.

Good Luck America. Cheryl's Coming.

. Monday, 18 January 2010

Several rumors have been flying around that Cheryl Cole is planning on re-releasing 3 Words in America- maybe even recording another album! So, I've decided to assemble a list of so and don't s for Cheryl to have success in the USA. Here it comes...

  • Use "Fight For This Love" as first single- has more hope than the others!
  • Pose for more magazines than sing live.
  • Dance more than sing live.
  • Anything other than sing live.
  • Scrounge a way into working on The X Factor USA
  • Record better songs.
  • Hire better lyricists, or write better ones yourself.
  • Change your album cover to something more sluttish- it will sell more and distract the buyer from the music.
  • Try to decrease how annoying your accent is.


  • Speak.
  • Sing.
  • Record anymore songs that abbreviate words.
  • Work or record anymore tracks with Will.I.Am.
  • Ever let anyone give you a microphone ever again!

There you go, Cheryl. I hope you have found these tips both educational and helpful. If you follow these rules, I can guarantee that you will be the next Beyonce (but without the talent). Thanks for reading!

New Video. Shontelle ~ Licky.

. Friday, 15 January 2010

Whoever the stylist was in this pile of rubbish should be sacked. Song's okay. Video's awful. My full review of Shontelle's first single from her sophomore album is here.