Sugababes ~ Wear My Kiss. Review.

. Monday, 11 January 2010
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The third single that is set to roll off the Sweet 7 conveyor belt is "Wear My Kiss". This track first came to my attention when it was leaked with original vocals from former member- Keisha Buchanan. I was intrigued to see if Jade could compete with Keisha's impressive vocals. Did she? Read on..

I love the synthy- almost trumpety- beginning. The ever-so-popular synthesised drums are of course present and play a vital in keeping the song fast-paced and exciting. The song has an immediate hook with its "Da,da,da,da", and Amelle's low vocals shine through like in the chorus. Amelle's verse if filled with gimmicky and cheeky vocals which, I guess, put the 'Sweet' in 'Sweet 7'. Amelle manages to finally keep up with the other girls although she has easily been given the most simple and less challenging part to sing. To answer my earlier question: yes. Jade does manage to fight Keisha off with powerful vocals and well-placed low and high notes- she is possibly one of the most controlled of all the past and present 'babes.

I'm impressed with all the girls, and their vocals sound brilliant in the ever-so-catchy chorus that is guaranteed to stick in your head for day. I think "Wear My Kiss" will add to the 'babes collection of top ten hits, hopefully even top five.

The production is very clean and perfected, and everything feels like it slots together nicely. It's catchy. It's flirtatious. It's pop. It's the Sugababes.